Hear from some of our clients who’ve gone through the process…

“My fiance and I were privileged to receive marriage preparation counseling from Grace Summit. This wonderful organization helped us open up our hearts to move to the next level. We were able to learn how our spiritual lives will work together to make our marriage strong. Thank you to Grace Summit!”

“My wife and I were at a cross road in our marriage. We were both hurting and had talked about divorce. We were encouraged by friends to seek counseling at Grace Summit. Because of the counseling we received at Grace Summit in 2008 we’re still together, much much happier and have better communication skills for when problems do arise. Thanks so much!”

“Thanks to Grace Summit ministries I learned to address inter-personal issues in ways that are non-threatening to the individuals involved.”

“Life’s circumstances can rock you to your core. The emotions and hurt they bring no person can fully understand. The staff at Grace Summit walked side by side with me sharing GOD’S Grace, and gently reminding me, ‘there is only one place to find true love, acceptance, worth, and security. In the arms of Jesus!!!’”

“The people at Grace Summit embraced us with unconditional love. They helped us learn and grow in our marriage by developing a better awareness of ourselves and each other.”

“Prior to my first meeting with my counselor at Grace Summit I was a bit afraid that I would just be hearing one more person’s opinion and instruction on things I ‘should’ do, but while sitting in the ministry’s counseling office I’ve heard words come out of my counselor’s and others’ mouths that I have had written, at times in exact wording, in my journal from my conversations with the Lord. The Lord has spoken and confirmed truth to me through these believers to encourage me and others unto deeper intimacy with Himself. To be mouth pieces and listening ears for the Lord to build and rebuild trust in the character of God. I do not have the words to describe the incredible ways Jesus has used my time and the people at Grace Summit in my life. Thank you Brian, Andre, Julie, and especially Mike for abiding in the Lord.”

“I was invited to a Grace Summit weekend in 2005.That weekend in 2005 opened my heart to the Holy Spirits healing power for some deep hurts I had never faced. The results have been a journey of daily surrender to the incredible power of God as he uses me for His purpose. Thank you Brad Steele for inviting me into a deeper relationship with Jesus.”

“I have already recommended friends to Grace Summit! It’s refreshing to work with people who are so helpful, insightful, and compassionate. I am forever grateful to be a part of such a wonderful group of people!”

“One word: freedom. My counselor at Grace helped me see the chains of religion I was under in my Christianity, which was counter to what Jesus came, taught and provided.”

“Grace Summit has been a blessing in my life. My counselor led me to find the real truth of Who I Am. My wife and I both came very close to death and our lives were shattered for many years. The team at Grace Summit led us through the painful time and into a new realization of a new life putting God and family first. Just as in the Book of Ruth, I now long to become a kinsman redeemer for my wife. The love, kindness, understanding, clarity and strength displayed by our counselor was amazing.”

“The Discipleship Counseling at Grace Summit: one-on-one and in small group with Julie White has been a huge transformational blessing to me since Grace Summit opened doors. I have experienced Jesus with skin on through Julie as she has walked with me on my journey. God has used her to communicate truth, wisdom and a godly perspective while also being a safe person to share my heart aches & confusion with. She has validated my feelings and desires and has taught me how to do this for others, which is a huge gift. My experience at Grace Summit with Julie has brought about a tremendous amount of healing and growth in my life and marriage, for which my husband, child and I are grateful. Thank you Julie & Grace Summit! Thank you!”

“Grace Summit has been a place I have been able to find counselors who genuinely sought God’s wisdom as they have led me through identifying and rejecting the many lies I have believed and lived out throughout my life. They have walked me through: surrendering what I cannot and should not control, forgiving those who have hurt me and have continued with me on this journey as I seek restoration. I would encourage anyone (Christian or non-Christian) who is in need of a place to go to find hope, to come to Grace Summit. You will be loved and accepted here.”